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Registered Teams — 2017

             Team #               School                                                       City


2017 teams:

                                                   A Plus Academy                                                      Dallas
                                                   Argyle High School                                                Argyle
                                                   Canton High School                                               Canton|
                                                   Dallas Lutheran School                                         Dallas|
                                                   Ft. Worth Country Day School                           Ft. Worth
                                                   Gilliam Collegiate Academy                               Dallas
                                                   Godley High School                                               Godley
                                                   Grapevine High School                                         Grapevine
Guyer High School                                                 Denton

                                                   Harmony School of Business                              Dallas
Hawkins High School                                            Hawkins

                                                   Hillcrest High School                                             Dallas

                                                   The Hockaday School                                            Dallas

                                                   Kaufman High School                                           Kaufman
                                                   Lakeview Centennial High School                     Garland
                                                   Life Middle School                                                 Waxahachie
                                                   Life High School                                                     Waxahachie
                                                   Martin’s Mill High School                                   Martins Mill
                                                   Matthew Road Academy                                       Grand Prairie
                                                   Mesquite Technology Excellence Center         Mesquite
                                                   Midlothian Heritage High School                       Midlothian
Newman Smith High School                               Carrollton
North Dallas High School                                     Dallas
North Hills Preparatory                                         Irving
North Mesquite High School                               Mesquite
Parish Episcopal School                                        Dallas

                                                   St. Mark's School of Texas                                  Dallas

                                                   Sam Houston Middle School                               Irving
Sunnyvale High School                                         Sunnyvale
Talented and Gifted Magnet (TAG/Townview)  Dallas

                                                   Tatum High School                                                Tatum
W.T. White High School                                       Dallas
                                                   Winnsboro High School                                        Winnsboro


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(team list updated 8/2/2017)


The following schools have a team registered to compete at Dallas BEST 2017. Website links included, where available.